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Akron Design-2-Part Show

John S. Knight Center
Harvey S Firestone Room

Thursday, October 25, 2018, 7:45 to 8:45 a.m.

FACEBOOK- ADWORDS - INSTAGRAM....where do you put your efforts?


If you have the responsibility for marketing of your contract manufacturing facility and want  to learn where and how to allocate your marketing efforts that work best for manufacturers, then come to our seminar. It is a roundtable discussion so submit your questions topics or concerns so that we can maximize the time you spend at our event.

Submit a Question

Booth video samples filmed at a recent Design-2-Part Show :

No Preparation needed • No Scripts •  No Stress

Filmed interview style to bring out your best sales pitch

Everyone gets nervous... and trying to prepare a script is painful. We ELIMINATE all of the pain by interviewing you. We ask the questions, prompt you what to say and even help you think about ways to communicate YOUR services. We have over 30 years of marketing contract manufacturers so we know what engineers and buyers want to know about you!

While your booth video is a third party endorsement, the best type of marketing available (someone else endorsing you is always better than tooting your own horn), your booth video can have all show information removed for your own use for an additional fee.

Show endorsement video shot at your booth

Private label version

Not only does your video act as a follow up to everyone who sees you at the booth but your video will rank high on a google search. Try it for yourself!

Google the words:

Low Volume Plastics and see for yourself

Video is no longer just a sales tool. Video is the foundation of your total digital marketing plan when done right. Video plays well on Facebook, Link'd-in and YOUTUBE and can actually work better for your search results on Google than a website. We can explain how when you contact us.​

Your video is also part of the largest YOUTUBE channel for American Contract Manufacturers, which gives you exposure to thousands of engineers, buyers and OEM's who need your contract parts and services.


3-in-1 sales tool

It's a follow up sales tool to attach to your email after meeting someone.

It's a video tour of your capabilities to use on your website.

It's a SEARCH tool that shows up on Google and YOUTUBE searches.


We specialize creating videos at your plant location at your plant- Interview videos are the most powerful and genuine combined with awesome footage of your machines and people. 

We are not typical video guys-

We are manufacturing marketing consultants

with over 30 years of experience

Have a product line that needs the oomph to sell? We combine the benefits and features with excitement and emotion. BUT we also promote it all over the internet to GET YOU BUSINESS!

Marketing through education creates reasons to contact customers and prospects to keep your name in front of them.

Want to impress? This is an example of a creative approach to get attention.... A music video!

Want to impress? This is an example of a creative approach to get attention.... A music video!

The job is done and you want to let the customer know your service doesn't end ... send them this.

This creates the ultimate marketing tool with the video for tracking and ranking for the lowest cost Adwords rates.

Click on the thumbnail to visit the sites

Videos are only half the story- it's the magic of how we get them seen all over the internet that really counts. Call us to find out how we do it for you!

Contact us and let us tell you how we can transform your manufacturing marketing.

Questions? call Rob or Tom 203-917-2373

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