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Finally ...

an all-inclusive package that gives you all of the effective social media and internet marketing coverage that you need to worry about as a manufacturer...

...and it works because of video.


This page explains the package and why it is the best way to attack your social media and internet marketing needs to reach engineers, buyers and product OEM's.

While technology keeps changing, we promise to keep on top of the changes to always update you on what is working thanks to our 30+ years of marketing of all of the D2P shows ... spending  millions of marketing dollars for thousands of contract manufacturing companies. Times change and we have to adapt to stay on the leading edge... that's why we are sharing our knowledge with you.

Bottom Line-

You need to get your company in the places where your prospects look.

and social media has created choices for your prospect....


In the past Google represented the internet, and everyone used Google and YouTube for their searches and information.

Then Facebook and Linked-In grew and became communities used everyday because of the ease of the mobile apps. Today, people are busy and choose one of the above preferred worlds to do their online life.

What does this mean for a contract manufacturer trying to market online?

People use Facebook and Linked-In to find people or companies... as if it was GOOGLE....

So you need to be in all three worlds to cover all of your bases.

The content that works best in all three worlds is VIDEO!

Why a video? 

Video represents over 72% of all internet traffic thanks to cell phones and tablets. Video has also become the method of choice for people to absorb information. 

Thanks to social media and GOOGLE, your video not only tells your manufacturing story in 5 minutes on your website acting like a SALES TOOL followup, but shorter versions of the videos act like commercials that can be targeted to the phones, tablets and computers of potential new customers very inexpensively.

We have the largest YOUTUBE channel for American Manufacturing...

How does that help a manufacturer? 

After two million minutes of views and tons of clicks to our clients' websites, we have built a marketing machine that helps you rank high on GOOGLE and extends to Facebook and Linked-in. This gives you the greatest organic SEO and ranking which gives us the lowest possible adverting prices and the lowest cost per customer acquisition.

Video clips of your plant and parts are the best way to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Here are all the tools that you will need to to give you up to six months of online marketing. 

Starts with a plant visit.

We spend a day and a half at your facility to capture interviews and facility shots - (we don't show anything proprietary) This library of video creates all of the content for your social media marketing worlds.

One of the benefits of allowing us to do your videos is that we have over 30 years of manufacturing marketing experience by promoting the Design-2-Part shows so we know how to reach and talk to the people that you want to meet...AND you don't have to waste time educating us on your processes and hoping we can capture it. We do all of the work.

No Preparation needed • No Scripts •  No Stress

Filmed interview style to bring out your best sales pitch

click to watch any samples


This is your tour video that captures the essence of your company. The culture, the personality, the capability. We edit with such passion and action that the the tour video does more than tell a story, it emotes a feeling for what a partnership will be like when working with your company.


It is essential to have this on your website as it is an excellent sales follow-up. Think about a person visiting your plant for a physical tour, It'll last 30 minutes or more...our video gets it down to 6-8 minutes!

click to watch


Facebook, Linked-in and  YouTube advertising requires shorter commercials that drive traffic to your site.

Social media generally requires "followers" and  "likes" but these are only relevant for public figures and those selling goods to consumers to find new customers. A follower is someone who knows you. This is good to maintain relationships but does not find you new customers. 


As a manufacturer you need to find people that do not know you. We can reach qualified people who don't know you exist with these short commercials by targeting job titles, locations and keywords.



click to watch


Every company has a secret story that cannot be scripted or foreseen... in this case the owner did not want to focus on capabilities and accomplishments but rather gave us an off-the- cuff emotional sales pitch of how buyers feel. It was captured, edited, and now it one of the best videos we've done.


We always include something like this in your package and our interview technique brings it out.


10 one-minute clips

for six months of

social media content

Social media needs content to keep followers engaged.

We have proven stats that show a photo or text post does not perform as well as a video clip. These extra one minute clips give you plenty of posting content to keep your brand in front of the followers that your social media attracts.


These are not clickable thumbnails since they are not live yet.


We build the company facebook page for you and give it a good look and schedule the posts for you. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO MAINTAIN IT!  It is there if you desire, but the purpose for the page is exclusively to pay to boost your video clips to new customers and they need to have a business page to like or follow.



We build the company Linked-In page to act like a business card for professionals looking for you on this platform. We will post video clips and promote them to relevant job titles and professionals that can use your services.



Making videos is great for sales follow up, but those videos will not find new customers unless we promote them.


Facebook, YouTUBE and Linked-in all allow us to create demographic targets by job title, income level, interests and more ... along with the ability to target geographic regions of the U.S. 

to show your video to qualified professionals who don't necessarily know you or what you do. This is the whole reason for the program... to drive traffic!


This does matter! We are a trusted content provider to YouTUBE and we have thousands of followers who are all interested in manufacturing. When we post your video, you will get automatic traction which affects your ranking for your video that results in your video reaching the front page of a GOOGLE search.

but you still own the rights to all of your videos and you can link or embed them anywhere you want to for FREE as long as YouTUBE remains a free service.




If you have a free giveaway- make it a featured commercial

One of the best performing commercials happens when you can give something away. It makes the prospect feel no pressure to contact you and then you have their information for future marketing.

An example of effective giveaway is the molding client who gives away a free NERD or New Engineering Design Device. The commercial and 23,000 views over a year has generated lead from large OEM companies for less than $5000.

We would do a commercial for the design guide and a campaign on social media and YOUTUBE.

The Commercial- each month it targets a region of the country. Having it's own landing page page rather than going to a homepage gives it better ranking for bidding and therefore lower costs to run.

The landing page:

Screen Shot 2019-05-15 at 5.05.59 PM.png

Bottom Line!  We Guarantee Results!

Until now, no other form of marketing allowed pay-for-performance.


Traditional advertising takes your money and promises an audience, a newspaper ad for example promises circulation but they cannot promise that the reader will ever see your ad or even a page near your ad. 

Social media advertising is all about showing your videos to as many people as possible and if they are not interested or skip over your video... there is no charge!  We only pay for those who engage the video and watch more than 15 seconds.


This is the most cost effective form of advertising available today! 

The package price for the main package is $14,900 and includes our travel and $4,500 worth of commercial paid placement on Facebook, Linked-In, YOUTUBE & GOOGLE. This will last about 60-90 days of marketing.


The bonus optional commercial if you have something to give away for FREE...and landing page is $4700 and includes a guaranteed 2500 qualified views by people with job titles that you want to reach.


This package includes all of the social media set-up and content needed to launch your program for about 90 days. At the end of the initial timeframe we can review stats and create a go forward plan.

We look forward to working with you and we know we can uncover gems of marketing for you to help sell your capabilities.


Tom & Rob


We specialize in capturing the essence of the plant tour in under 8 minutes.

Interview videos are the most powerful and genuine combined with awesome footage of your machines and people. 

We are not typical video guys-

We are manufacturing marketing consultants

with over 30 years of experience

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