If you are trying to figure out how to ramp up your sales as we come out of this COVID lockdown... 


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Did you feel it? You just experienced a full video sales call - the ultimate social distancing. How easy was it to click between subjects and get the full story? No huge website or searching around.


Now imagine that your prospect needs to find a new supplier and they come to partgurus.com to see and hear you exactly like this?


They will find this refreshingly organized and efficient.


Since we are experiencing this terrible COVID situation, this just may be the ultimate solution for any contract manufacturer and it's the trifecta of online marketing programs because it INCLUDES Google adwords, Facebook Promotion and YOUTUBE Video.

• Guaranteed video views

• Live operators answering the phones

• Includes YouTUBE, Google & Facebook Advertising

• ASK A GURU feature opens dialog for partnerships

• Economic monthly subscription (quarterly membership)

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