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What is selling out there:

OUTBOUND vs INBOUND- inbound is being found and then hoping they click on the website and have a good experience... passive marketing not in your control.


1. WEBSITE & SEO-  Everybody needs a responsive site which means it works on desktop and vertically on a phone. This determines your position on a google search... if the site does not respond to the device Google does not want to recommend websites that do not comply.

SEO is the hot word for most agencies and clients- the issue is that 50% of all internet traffic is to a mobile device and that a phone does not show an SEO result (also known as organic result.) they show

1. paid ads

2. Local business listings (Google my business)

3. Videos

4. .... then they show organic result far down the page.'

We can sell the paid ads or promote the videos .... so we have 2 solutions better than SEO for a phone.

If you get pushback- because everyone is proud that they spend $900 a month... then we say you keep doing your SEO program and website... we don't want to touch that or replace it! BUT if they don't have that... direct the budget to proactive placement of the video (run commercials)

HOW TO COMBAT questions or negatives:

1. Answer a question with a question.   How or why do we need this.

use the example that any other form of advertising does not tell you how many people saw the ad and went to the website... only how many people contacted you.

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