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Now let it find new customers for you!

And your video is now an advertisement that allows you to find new customers anywhere in the country.


Our channel has hundreds of American contract manufacturers with great original content, (no cat videos)  millions of minutes of views which means we generate tons of traffic for GOOGLE

PLUS! they put your video on the front page of most Google searches

The two biggest factors that determine how high you get on GOOGLE are ranking and relevancy. The relevancy is how well the video and follow-up match the keywords and the ranking has

"But I have no budget...

I already do SEO, PPC, and I advertise elsewhere."

A responsible marketer will always want to know if something is working, is what your spending creating traffic? Is it worth it?

You always want to put your marketing dollars towards the method that performs the best.

BUT MOST MARKETING is a blackhole where you never really know if its working due to the difficulty of knowing who saw your ad or the lack of real data.


That's why this is so exciting!

Our program has total track-ability because of one reason:

This is a pay-for-performance model that favors the you, the advertiser because they only get paid when a person watches your video.


Whether it's Facebook, Google, YOUTUBE or Linkdin...

They all want to get paid quickly. And... that only happens when the person the video is shown to is actually a person interested in your company or service.

We call it CPA  - Cost per Acquisition

Yes... video is the hottest and most cost effective marketing and advertising tool you can buy to get your company seen on the internet.

Why a video? 

Video represents over 72% of all internet traffic thanks to cell phones and tablets. Video also has become the method of choice for people to absorb information. 

Thanks to social media and GOOGLE, your video not only tells your manufacturing story in 5 minutes, but shorter versions of the videos act like commercials that can be shown to grab the attention of new prospects. 


These commercials are the least expensive way to actually target potential customers that you don't even know exist. Why? Because video marketing on the internet is still new ... mainly due to connection speed, but that issue is going away. Today only 28% of companies have video marketing plan so you can take advantage of low advertising prices thanks to a lack of competition... especially in manufacturing.


We can pay to place your video commercial onto their phones, tablets and computers.

Now that's targeted marketing!

Our journey started 9 years ago when we filmed a few job shops and posted those videos on the internet. Today, we have over 500 company videos hosted on the largest YOUTUBE Channel on earth that exclusively features American contract manufacturing. We want you here also.

How does that help a manufacturer? 

After two million minutes of views and tons of clicks to our client's websites, we have built a marketing machine that helps you rank high on GOOGLE and extends to Facebook and Linked-in. This gives you the greatest organic SEO and ranking which gives us the lowest possible adverting prices and the best cost per customer aquisition.

Your video can GEO-target any region or city.

We place your videos on social media and target people, job titles and keywords that you are looking to reach. We use FACEBOOK, LINKED-IN and YOUTUBE (GOOGLE). You can target a region that is rich with potential industries, a city where you have a rep, or even a company location. We can specify a radius around that target.

You pay only for views!

This is the first time in marketing that you can pay for performance! Your video ad is served and if the viewer is not interested and skips the view, we don't pay! This gives us greater targeted exposure and higher response rates than any other form of advertising out there.

Size Matters.

So what, we have the large YOUTUBE channel... how does that affect you? Well it's  simple. The price you pay on the internet for ANY good exposure is based on the relevancy of your content on your website, landing pages or videos. If you are very relevant to a search then they are better at matching their customers needs to a solution and they are happy, so they encourage targeted advertising with lower costs. Being a member of our channel automatically gives your videos better ranking due to our popularity, therefore we have access to lower costs to place ads than anyone else.

What do you get?

We visit your company for a day or two and we film interviews with no scripting, we film machines, we film parts. We help you figure out your best message. You have zero work to do (except to gather some part samples). After interviewing hundreds of engineers, owners and manufacturing experts, we know how to ask the right questions and make you feel comfortable answering them. This results in totally natural videos that are watchable and effective. Scripts only result in stiff canned videos that show no reality or credibility. We know the buzzwords, your processes and what is marketable.


We then create a 5-7 minute video tour and 8 to 10 one minute commercials that will be used on Facebook, Linked-in and YOUTUBE.

A landing page is also part of the package that gives you a place to feature your videos and to give the ad campaigns highest ranking for content resulting in lowest placement costs.  (SEE VIDEO HERE)

Guaranteed Results!

No other form of marketing offers pay for performance, except GOOGLE adwords text ads. Considering the cost per click of an adwords text ad being upwards of $20 per click, video wins the decision everytime at about 10¢ a qualified view.

Also consider other marketing efforts. A tradeshow costs you about $5000 for travel, the booth and the time, if you get 100 leads you are at $50 a lead. Video get a 4-5% response rate so if you pay for 1000 views, you can expect 40-50 people will click through to your site. That's about $1 a click thru.


For the package we offer, we can guarantee that your video will be viewed a minimum of 5,000 times across the country in a six month period, by people who fit the demographics that we specify for your process. And that's included in the initial price.

Not only does your video act as a follow up to everyone who sees you at the booth but your video will rank high on a google search. Try it for yourself!

Google the words:

Low Volume Plastics and see for yourself

Video is no longer just a sales tool. Video is the foundation of your total digital marketing plan when done right. Video plays well on Facebook, Link'd-in and YOUTUBE and can actually work better for your search results on Google than a website. We can explain how when you contact us.​

Your video is also part of the largest YOUTUBE channel for American Contract Manufacturers, which gives you exposure to thousands of engineers, buyers and OEM's who need your contract parts and services.


3-in-1 sales tool

It's a follow up sales tool to attach to your email after meeting someone.

It's a video tour of your capabilities to use on your website.

It's a SEARCH tool that shows up on Google and YOUTUBE searches.


We specialize creating videos at your plant location at your plant- Interview videos are the most powerful and genuine combined with awesome footage of your machines and people. 

We are not typical video guys-

We are manufacturing marketing consultants

with over 30 years of experience

Have a product line that needs the oomph to sell? We combine the benefits and features with excitement and emotion. BUT we also promote it all over the internet to GET YOU BUSINESS!

Marketing through education creates reasons to contact customers and prospects to keep your name in front of them.

Want to impress? This is an example of a creative approach to get attention.... A music video!

Want to impress? This is an example of a creative approach to get attention.... A music video!


I’m a paragraph. Double click here or click Edit Text to add some text of your own or to change the font. This is the place for you to tell your site visitors a little bit about you and your services.

The job is done and you want to let the customer know your service doesn't end ... send them this.

This creates the ultimate marketing tool with the video for tracking and ranking for the lowest cost Adwords rates.

Click on the thumbnail to visit the sites

Videos are only half the story- it's the magic of how we get them seen all over the internet that really counts. Call us to find out how we do it for you!

Contact us and let us tell you how we can transform your manufacturing marketing.

Questions? call Rob or Tom 203-917-2373

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